Oh Rats!

These very naughty Rats have been getting themselves into all sorts of trouble!

I always kept rats as pets growing up. They are so full of character and they have definitely inspired many of these pieces.

Each rat has been lovingly needle felted around a small wire armature, their hands, feet, ears and tail have been sculpted from polymer clay.

Blackberry Rat
This cheeky little fella has chewed his way through the fabric to get to my blackberries, I was saving those to make jam!
Oh no! not the jam!
Oi! not the Cherries in Brandy!
These are artificial cherries set in resin
There's a Rat in the Kitchen....what am I gonna do!
Rat in a Cookie Jar
Needle felted rat with papier mache cookies
Oh no! not my Cookies
Up, up and away! Here are my papier mache balloon carrying off some cheeky chaps
Needle felted ratty with his little knitted teddy bear